Over the last few weeks the Real Estate landscape has changed, however for the most part its still business as usual. Like many industries across the country we have had to grow and adapt quickly to be in line with new guidelines to protect ourselves and our customers. With this change we have seen some great innovation and the speed of that innovation will allow the Real Estate industry to move forward quickly into the future. The industry was always destined to move further towards the online technologies now available with video, online inspections and social media being key aspects of this.

Some of the key changes we have seen so far within the industry are as follows:

  • open homes have now been changed to one on one private inspections – This allows us to better qualify buyers for our vendors and gives our buyers a higher level of attention to show them the home
  • auctions have now gone online – whilst this tech has been around for a few years more and more agencies have gone online with huge success this week.
  • agents and property mangers working remotely – The last few weeks has shown that the need for large retail office spaces in Real Estate has greatly declined. many of our industry workers already worked remotely and some agencies including ourselves have already shifted away from unnecessary office space.
  • contracts, listing agreements and settlements all online – some states have been in front of the game on this front for a while, however with electronic signature apps like docusign everything is faster and more efficient.

so what is still the same for the industry and how is it business as usual.

  • Buyers are still looking to purchase and sellers are still looking to sell – that will always stay the same
  • we are still able to show properties both through online and in person
  • all methods of sale including private treaty, auction, expressions of interest etc are all still available
  • solicitors, banks, building inspections and all other external things we need are still all operational at this stage.

So as you can see, its still business as usual for Real Estate – just with a more online approach. If you would like to discuss the market further please dont hesitate to contact me at anytime on 0409455443.

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